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Hi, thanks for visiting my website. My name's Juan Camilo Charria, from Cali, Colombia. I currently reside in Dallas, Texas, USA.

I'm an entrepreneur and professional software developer with more than 6 years of experience in website and videogames development and I'm the co-founder and CTO of Level Plus Game Studio, a small videogames development company.

Next you will find my main skills, resume, portfolio and a blog I hope you follow up about personal and professional stuff. Enjoy.

  • Project Management

    Experience managing website and videogame projects with small teams keeping up with the deadlines

  • Web development

    I've fulfilled several client's requirements by developing their websites from front-end to back-end development

  • Videogames development

    6 years of experience developing videogames for my company and different clients

  • Software assessment

    I've assisted companies and universities in order to train their employees/students for web development or videogames development


For more information please download my resume

DOWNLOAD (english) DESCARGAR (español)


This is a compilation of my personal and professional projects, if you like my work and want to hire me don't hesitate to contact me :)

  • All
  • Web Development
  • Videogames Development


Startup co-founder & Full stack developer for web and mobile app - 2016

CaseFile Texas - Mozato

Responsive website front-end development - 2016

File&ServeXpress SF - Mozato

Responsive website front-end development for File&ServeXpress San Francisco's microsite - 2015

CaseEdge knowledge base

Responsive website front-end development for Mozato's CaseEdge knowledge base - 2015


Game development in Unity 3D, project for deaf children's motor skills research - 2015

Dash or Clash

Game development for indiesvspewdiepie game jam - Made with Unity 3D - 2014

Kitten Fall web

Full responsive website development - 2014

Kitten Fall

Mobile Game Development for Android - Made with Unity3D - 2014

The World of Smarty

Video game for a gamification corporate seminar - 2014


Backend website development & mobile app webservices - Wordpress - 2013

AKL International

Full website development with WordPress - 2013

Blast Or Die

PC & Browser Game development for the 7 Days FPS Game Jam (7DFPS) Made with Unity3D - 2013


Demo video game programming for PC Made with UDK - 2013

Level Plus Games

Full website development - 2013

Nova Havock

Mobile Game development for iPad - 2012

My blog

These are the latest articles I've posted in my blog, click here to look for previous articles.

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Hello everyone, in today’s update we will be talking about the combat system (which I’ve been struggling to get it right). The combat system in Braveless is one of the most important systems in the game, so I want...

img 750

In my previous post I talked about several game mechanics for our game Braveless. Today I’m going to talk about the day/night cycle system and show some of the graphical improvements of the forest. First, I’m goin...

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Project “Braveless”

Posted by justjuank on April 18, 2017

I’ve been away for so long but I have an excuse this time. Since 2014 I’ve been planning to make a videogame along with my wife. But it was not until December 13th last year when we finally decided to start. Since th...

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