Braveless – Improvements & Day/Night system

Posted by Juan on May 1, 2017


In my previous post I talked about several game mechanics for our game Braveless. Today I’m going to talk about the day/night cycle system and show some of the graphical improvements of the forest.

First, I’m going to show some of the improvements and elements we’ve been adding to the forest to make it livelier.


[Sorry for the quality of these Gifs]

As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve added some particles to the scene and some god rays. If you compare it with the previous post’s screenshots you can find some improvements.

I love how the leaves flowing with the wind effect ended, it really improved the ambient of this scene. The purple particles are the corruption the forest is under, we will explain that later.

Now for the day/night system, I currently have the basic transition of light adjustments from light to total darkness (at least in the forest).


The forest is darker than other areas since it’s very dense, so you’ll have to rely on your lamp in this area a lot.

Also as you can see, the sun rays fade depending on the time of day. That’s one of the little details I’ve been focusing to make the forest look great.

And speaking of details, I’ve also been experimenting with behaviors for animals (since they will serve as a crucial food source among other things). So here’s a little birdy I made:


He wanders around on the ground and when you approach him he flies away.


I had some fun with this little guy and learned a few technical things about Unity3D’s Root Motion.

Now that I’ve started to add animals, they also make the forest even livelier. There’s also a rabbit, but I haven’t made decent animations so maybe in my next post I’ll show him to the world 😀

Also, if you noticed in the top image of this post, we finally have a logo! My wife and I had been trying to find a good logo we would both agree with. So here it is! 😀

And to conclude, I want to thank my wife for being so supportive, I know this has been hard for her working on a full time job and then working on this as well, but I think we’re slowly finding a good pace we both can work at. Thank you! <3

Don’t forget to write any feedback or any thoughts about our game, thanks and ‘til the next post.

Oh one last thing! We now have a Facebook fanpage so make sure you follow us for more updates.

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